About Us

The Chili Chicks are a true American success story! Created to be ambassadors for a Florida Chili Cook-off, in just three short years The Chili Chicks went on to become two time Country Dance World Champions and represented the United States at the Inaugural Olympiad for Country Dance where they won the Gold Medal and became “Americas Country Dance Team”.

The team now choreographs dances for Nashville artists and has had the honor to perform with many of them (see our Gallery page).  The Chili Chicks provide exciting crowd pleasing performances that win raves wherever they perform. They are literally “the girls next door” and take great pride in providing entertainment for the entire family.

Sexy & Sassy but never Trashy, the team is made up of professional women of all ages and backgrounds. From college students to professional dance instructors, the girls come to the team with everything from no dance experience to pro level resumes. The Chili Chicks perform at charity events, large concerts, state fairs, amphitheaters and other events all over the U.S.A. The Team has performed with top Nashville stars such as Billy Currington, Lady Antebellum, The Eli Young Band, Trailer Choir, Justin Moore, Bucky Covington and many more. Simply stated The Chili Chicks provide women with the chance to dance and achieve their performance and entertainment dreams while making people happy everywhere they go.

To share the joy of dance with everyone we can! We hope to show people the beauty and fun that can come from dancing and chasing your dreams.

Chili Chicks dances include many different styles of dance such as Jazz, Samba, Hip Hop and Ballet, yet most people who desire to, can learn these routines. The Chili Chicks learn, train and rehearse all year, and they perform numerous times every month. While there are no guarantees that anyone will make the team, everyone who wishes to try will work with team trainers and receive both individual and group instruction.

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